UN Security Council Submission

So while I am trying desperately to distract myself with today I found something interesting that provided a tangential distraction!

The UN Security Council is accepting written/video submissions by individuals 21 and under between now and December 14th! The question that needs to be addressed is, “What is the most vital challenge to international peace and security facing your generation? Tell the UN Security Council what issue you believe deserves more attention, and explain why it is important.” The submissions that are chosen will be incorporated into the UN Security Council agenda for their December 21st event and broadcasted via the web.

The requirements are:

1. less than 250 words if written

2. less than 1 minute if video recording

I encourage everyone to participate in this, since it is not something lengthy, just a short blip of thoughtful, honest rhetoric. After all, younger generations are always complaining about how older generations don’t listen to us, so when the opportunities arise, we should take advantage of it!


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